SUMMER SHOW JUNE 2017 : Photographs (L-R)  

(1)shows members learning how to do 'special' gift wrapping, under the tutoring of our after Show speaker, who showed us ways to wrap awkward shaped gifts.  (2) shows Pat Simmonds left who won the lovely pottery planter and Jane Holliday who won a Bursary to Denman College The WI college in Oxfordshire. (3) are the show winners, from left to right, Barbara Griffiths, Eileen Edwards, ,Kath Ibbottson, Janet Matthews and Pauline Isaac.  (4) are the Show judges.  (5) our flower arranger speaker in April this year, who showed us beautiful and economical flower arranging ides. (6) is a photo of our Treasure Hunt team taking part in the WFWI Treasure hunt in Rugby.